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Mayan Goldenfeld, Israeli-Italian soprano who already sang under conductors such as Sigiswald Kuijken, Alexis Kossenko and Werner Ehrhardt had met Tung Han Hu, Taiwanese harpsichordist and 1st prize winner of the 10th Internationale Telemann Wettbewerb, during their studies in the UdK in April 2021. Since their first rehearsal, a natural musical connection was clear, and despite meeting during the Covid-19 pandemic they have managed to build an impressive repertoire, playing a concert together in the Friedenau Kammermusiksaal with pieces by Händel, Barbara Strozzi and Heinrich Schütz, and participated in a workshop exploring the repertoire of C.P.E Bach under the guidance of Doerthe Maria Sandmann and Natalie Pfeiffer. They are both looking forward to future joint projects with repertoire by Purcell, Bernier, Haydn and Marianna Martinez in Berlin and in Munich.

Our musical interest as a duo spans from 17th century to mid-late 18th century, with an emphasis on music written for voice and keyboard, or voice and basso continuo, although we have collaborated with larger settings with additional melodic instruments and a wider continuo section, always keeping the focus on the collaborative aspect of the music as the core of our work. 


Our name, Sull'onde, stems from the meaning of both of our first names: Ma'yan in Hebrew means 'water spring', and Han in Taiwanese relates to vast waters. Our first association was thinking of the dynamic and varied nature of water, and how it is reflected in the nature of music itself and in our collaborative music making, exchanging a flow of emotions, ideas and energy. We also immediately had the association of waves - of sound waves, of being on the "wave length" to communicate while making music, or of musical phrasing. For that reason, we chose "Sull'onde", meaning in italian "On the waves".

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